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I have an EVGA P67 SLI chipset and have a spacial issue with my corsair vengeance, dual channel RAM and my Corsair A70 Heatsink.

The board manual states that DIMM slots 1 & 3 should be used first, but my heatsink covers slot one almost entirely preventing the Vengeance RAM with its tall heat fins from sitting. My question is whether I can use Slots 3 & 4 or 2 & 4 without losing any performance.

I also guess I could remove the heat fan from the Vengeance is taped on there and may be mostly cosmetic in nature.

Appreciate any guidance.
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    Your CPU cooler is covering your RAM slot, right? :)

    You can try the other slots. You should use 2 & 4 (which should be the same color) if you want to RAM to run in dual channel mode. You may have trouble overclocking (CPU or RAM) if you use the 2,4 configuration. It may be totally fine.

    You could try to carefully bend the RAM heatsinks so that they do not touch your cpu cooler. What cooler do you have?
  2. I have a Corsair A70. It isn't the heatsink itself that interferes. Rather, it is the clip on fan attachment on the RAM side.

    The Vengeance RAM heatfins aren't bendable -- it is a hollow two piece aluminium (?) fin. However, they would be easily removed as it seems they are just stuck on with a small pin/hole 'lock' and double-sided tape.

    After having examined the fins...I think they actually are not very functional and are instead mostly cosmetic in nature. I think I can easily remove the heatfins for slot #1 and then have the other slots w/ their fins still on. This would open clearance for my CPU cooler just fine.

    I didn't see that Corsair sold a "low profile" version of the RAM...I bought all the parts of the rig last week and should have spent the extra 5 seconds looking and I'd have avoided this problem.
  3. Sounds like you got it worked out. :)
  4. Guess so! Now if I could cure my OCD that is making me go nuts that one of my DIMMs is without the heatfin!
  5. Ha! You don't have a case with a window, do you? :P
  6. Nope...Black one will know it is like that...except for me... haha
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