Adding an SSD for a Hybrid Raid (Adaptec 6805)


I currently have 5 drives (1 is spare) configuring themselves in a raid 10, I also have a samsung 128gb 830 SSD...

I was under the impression that all you had to do was attach the SSD to the controller and it would automatically utilize it... yet I read some contradicting things...

I already inititialized the drive and its just sitting there in the storage manager beneath the raid 10 array, is it getting utilized?

Do I have to put it into an array for it to get utilized, because the adaptec documentation got me under a seperate impression...
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  1. Well, is this a stupid question? I asked my neighbor who's a fulltime IT guy, and he couldn't give me a direct answer... one second its put it into an array, the other its initialize it...
  2. This depends on the size of the drives in the array or whether your RAID card support SSD caching. A quick <insert your search engine of choice> should provide details on whether your card supports the latter. As for simply adding it to your existing RAID10, if the ssd is smaller than the smallest disk in your raid10 array, then it will not be used. In that case, it was initialize and simply waiting to be added to a new array. Also, keep in mind that RAID10 has to have even number of devices. You would need to add two devices or assign your spare to the RAID with the new SSD drive.
  3. went ahead and did that. seems this hybrid raid is going to eat my wallet... buddy just found a titan 3200 at a warehouse, has the raid controller and about 2 storage units, from the look of the documentation, this may be my best bet.
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