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Intel DG41RQ Mobo & Antec BP350 PSU Compatibility?

A tech told me that I blew the mobo by installing the wrong PSU. Is this true? Is the Antec BP350 PSU the wrong PSU for an Intel DG41RQ Mobo?

Problem: No display. No beep on boot. (With or without external speakers connected.) Mobo green lights, case and cpu fans spin. PSU connections look ok

Removed RAM - no beeps (should be 3)
Tried booting with either stick – no beeps

Removed CMOS Battery for >1min and replaced. No effect

Might be BIOS issue?
-Full CMOS Clearance (out for >1hr) then BIOS recovery?
Possible bad mobo, CPU or memory? (likely)
Mobo shorting on case? (doubtful)
Meter test PSU? (PSU should be fine for requirements of PC)

Core Specs:
Mobo, processor and RAM were replaced in the spring of 2009
Intel DG41RQ Motherboard
MicroATX form factor with the Intel G41 Express and ICH7 chipset. Supports 1333/1066/800MHz FSB, up to 8GB of DDR2-667/800MHz memory, Intel High Definition Audio, integrated gigabit LAN, and an available PCIex16 slot.
Chipset: Intel G41 Express
Front Side Bus: 800/1066/1333MHz
Memory Type: DDR2-667/800

Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor BX80557E2200
Processor Speed: E2200 / 2.20GHz
Cache Size: 1MB
Processor Socket: Socket 775

Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz E.P.P. Memory (2 x 1024)

PSU was replaced in spring of 2011
Antec BP350 350watt PSU (Basiq Line) note: no PCI-E 6pin connector!
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    A bad PSU can damage a motherboard but the Antec BP 350 meets the required ATX std for that motherboard.
    No beeps (with case speaker installed) points to bad board.
  2. Could it be that it has a 20 pin power connector so it cannot be used on DDR2 or DDR3 systems which require a 24 pin power connector? I came across this in the amazon user reviews but that doesn't seem right. see 1st review

    I don't recall any problems with the pins when installing (I could have sworn it was 20+4) and don't have access to the machine right now to check it by eye.

    After checking the specs with Antec and Intel, the Antec supports 20+4 which is what the Intel mobo requires.

    Anything to this?
  3. Looking at the 20pin and the 20+4 pin connectors many boards run on the 20pin even if they have 24 pin connector regardless, just as long as the 20 pin is inserted correctly..
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