Weird problem, maybe bad Mobo or PSU?

New home-built AMD athlon iix4 620 system with Biostar a785g3 mobo and 4gb DDR3 ram. Computer runs fine when left on. But, if it ever gets shut down, will not boot. I get fans, lights and hard drive spins up, but no boot. The "cure" is to unplug the 20 pin cable and plug it back in. Then system boots normally after that and this has happened twice now. Is this the symptom of a flakey mobo or psu? Thanks for any help
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  1. 20-pin or 24-pin? I bet you need to check the no-boot thread for standard stuff.

    Also what is it? If it's a regular crappy one the advise would probably be to try something else preferably better.
  2. Sorry, it is a 24-pin connector. The power supply is an Antec 380W, 80+ certified. Besides the motherboard and cpu, I only have 1 HDD and 1 optical drive. No PCI (or other) cards, so the PSU calculators I've looked at indicate 380 should be plenty, but I don't know.
  3. It should be plenty unless something is malfunctioning.

    Run through the thread I mentioned, it might be sticky onto the new build subsection of this forum.

    Other than that talk to the tech support of both of those things. It is most likely one of those, I've never heard of that specifically happening.
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