Siberian Tiger II in a NZXT Phantom.

Hello people, first post here and probably not the last :)

I've been eyeballing the Phantom NZXT, (I think it's a 'beaut) since my old case is way to small.
I'm semi knowledgeable, but apparently not enough,
I really don't know if (or how) I could fit my NorthQ 3590 (Siberian Tiger II) inside this case.

If any more info is needed, I will provide.

Any feedback would be great!
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  1. install it on the side panel where the space for the 2x 120mm are
  2. That would add another 2 cm ( plus the width of the fans which are standard 120mm ) to the width...
    would it fit next to the HDD mounts? :sweat:

    Thank you for your reply.
  3. look on newegg, they have a video on the case. it looks like that HDD cage is pushed back, how far I can't tell but its is further back then the drive cage.
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