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Unsure if my Vcore is fluctuating too much

I haven't really monitored the voltages in my computer too much, but recently, I've noticed through Speedfan that my system's Vcore jolts from 0.91V to a maximum of 1.19V when under load. I don't know if this is normal or not, as I haven't really looked at this stuff before (I've only built my first computer around two months ago), so I was wondering if this should concern me or not.

The following was what I saw on Speedfan. The increases only occurred when I ran something like Google Earth.

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I've read forums where people claim Vcore fluctuations like 1.34 to 1.37 are pretty bad, which is why I'm kind of worried about this.

I'm unsure of what specs to provide alongside this, but here this is my CPU and power supply, which I assume is most relevant to this:

CPU: INtel Core i5-760 2.8 GHz
PSU: Corsair TX series CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX 12V 60A 24 Pin ATX power

I probably included some useless info there, but I just copied exactly from my old list.

Oh yeah, I wasn't too sure if my subcategory was right, so excuse me on that if I got it wrong.
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  1. Your I5 is rated 0.65-1.4volt.
    If you have speed step enabled it will down clock and under volt
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    the cpu will require less power (thus voltage) when it isnt being run hard. and usually things arent a perfectly constant load, there may be a little fluctuation. your pc is too new to be suffering from bad capacitors, so i think your pc is fine, as long is it is operating normally. is it?
  3. What you are seeing is speedstep in action, turn it off and your Vcore will probably be totally flat.
  4. Okay, well, that's a little more settling. However, I've been looking at the +12v measurements on Speedfan, too, and while it usually detects 11.51V, I've seen it drop to 11.45 a couple of times on the chart, too. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of that chart, but I was wondering if that fluctuation is nearing dangerous territory, as I've heard that the threshold for straying from that 12V is +/-5%. This fluctuation happened as I was playing Starcraft II.
  5. speedfan is a nice litle program but its really unreiable and inaccurte for any voltage measurements. break out a multimeter and actually measure the real voltage coming out of the ps (at a molex plug)
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