Marvell 6GBs vs P55 3GBs SSD Performance

Hello everyone, I want to know why my P55 3GBs port performs better in benchmarks than the Marvell 6GB/s port. I had ran 2 separate benchmarks with the 2 separate ports using ATTO and I was quite surprised with the results. My motherboard is an ASUS P7P55D-E LX and my SSD is a Corsair Force 3.

Transfer Size: 8192.0 MB

Marvell 6GB/s port, Intel P55 3GB/s port

Read: 122016 kb, Read: 283159 kb
Write: 194049 kb, Write: 264028 kb

I don't understand this problem. This is a replacement motherboard that I just got from ASUS, is it the controller that sucks or the port that is malfunctioning?
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  1. There are a couple possible things happening:

    1) the drivers for Marvell are generic ones (see motherboard site)

    2) the SSD doesn't "like" the Marvell controller (my OCZ Agility 3 would default to connect at SATA1 speeds)

    I would recommend you first see if there is a FIRMWARE update for your SSD then retest.

    If that doesn't solve your problem AND you have the latest Marvell drivers you might wish to look at the Corsair Forums rather than here.
  2. The Marvel 6Gb/s SATA ports are for data hard drives only. The information is in a footnote on the Asus motherboard product page.
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