CPU fan @ 3000rpm + in BIOS

Just like the title says. Runs the same in Windows 7. New motherboard, Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H. 2nd board, actually. RMAd the first thinking it was bad. Hardware is as follows:

AMD Phenom x4 9850 Quad-Core Processor - default clock speed
8GB RAM - default clock speeds
Same fan and heat sink that came with processor
Rocketfish 600W PSU

I plugged in a different CPU fan with the same results. Reset BIOS to default, then optimized default.

More images of the BIOS can be viewed @ http://s979.photobucket.com/albums/ae277/rkwerchan/BIOS/

Can anyone help me?!?! Thanks!
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  1. Wow, This place is usually a little more helpful. I solved the problem by just swapping the heatsink/fan with a Corsair H50 liquid cooling system. Much quieter now.
  2. 3000 is standard default speed, the default heatsink is not really designed to be quiet, just to be cool enough.

    And you didn't actually ask a question, just stated that it was at 3000rpm.
  3. Every other pc I've had is around 2000. 3400 under no load is unacceptable.
  4. well don't accept it then, perhaps your other pc's generated less heat, the older ones would have done.
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