Possible heat issue?

had just completed my build and im a little worried with temps. so, im looking for feedback from those that may have had experience with a comparable setup.

for starters. im using an MSI fxa-gd 70 motherboard with an AMD phenom 2 x4 970 BE. 4 gigs of ram, bottom mounted 750w power supply and an ATI 5870 video card. nothing is overclocked. all is bone stock when it comes to settings. also, so is the fan and heatsink that came with the processor.

as it sits right now, just surfing the net, the heatsink fan is ridiculously loud. the case i have is the thermaltake v9. which, i will admit, is kinda flimsy, but seems to have plenty of cooling. intake fan on the front and back. but also, a big 120mm on side and 120mm on top.
since there is the big opening on top for the air outlet, i figured that noise may just be coming through there. but covering it doesnt seem to lower the amount of noise at all.

as it sits right now, just with an internet browswer open, typing this, its running fan speed for the cpu is 6300 rpm. seems a little high for me. could be wrong. i never really paid attention to the speeds until now. the computer has been on for about an hour. not really running hot, but i think it could be significantly lower. but as of right now, under almost no load, running 45-49 C. Video running at 48-49C. i only have the fan set on the video, running at 70% speed.

and as i said, its been on over an hour. the temps and speeds have stayed consistent the whole time.
any input would be great. im not above getting a different heatsink. was wanting to do that anyhow. contemplated water cooling. but, not really sure i want to deal with that too much. however, i may not have a choice. the case doesnt have a whole lot of clearance for a massive heatsink.
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  1. Do you have the smart fan functions enabled in your BIOS? Also, how warm is the room you are working in? And, is there plenty of clearance around the case itself to allow for it to pull in cool air through the front and exhaust it out the rear?
  2. the board has a cpu smart fan target, if that is what your referring to. i have that set to disabled. this is what it was by default.
    one of my concerns along with temp, is the loudness of the fan.
    as for the temp in the room, its about 79degrees. the area that the computer is in, isnt necessarily a confined area. could have better airflow, however, this is the same place i had my older dual core processor that had less case airflow and ran lower temps.
    im sure that this processor is probably going to run a bit hotter, but would you think that these temps are too hot for what it is?
  3. Not too high, but could be better. I suggest a better HSF than the OEM one. Do you have enough clearance for a Cooler Master Hyper 212+?
  4. Never mind on the 212+. Did some digging via Newegg reviews and see it won't fit without a mod or removing the side fan. Does the side fan blow air into or suck air out of the case? I would suggest, if possible, that you configure it to blow in. That would put cooler air directly onto the CPU and GPU areas.
  5. taking into account the side fan, i have approx 5 inches of clearance. this would be assuming that i took off the OEM heatsink all together.
  6. also, i did a little reconfiguring both in and outside of the computer. i moved the HD to the bottom bay to allo cold air to flow upward easier instead of being mostly blocked by the HD to get to the CPU.
    i also moved the case out of the spot i would always keep it to completely out. there is no restrictions as far as airflow is concerned. still running 44-47C. so, a little cooler. but not enough of a difference to make me comfortable.
    the side fan is pulling in. so, there is a total of 2 fans pulling in and 2 out.

    at this point, i would have to assume its running at the temps it should be? i just honestly think it should be a bit lower. so, ill probably end up going with a better HS. the one in there right now is just way too loud due to rpm
  7. Try undervolting. It will give you the same performance with lower power consumption and temperature.

    AMD tends to raise its default vcore value, probably for reassurance.

    If you still have the same temperature reading, consider upgrading the CPU cooler. Although my Athlon is running cool using its stock fan, the Phenom with higher TDP might need a better cooler.
  8. ****correction****** side and top fan on the case are 230mm
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