I am hoping to build a PC very soon and this is my configuration i plan to have.
Processor i7 930,
Motherboard Asus P6T
for RAM Iam not sure yet but will be going for 6GB minimum so if you have any suggestion
VGA EVGA 460 (i am not sure to go for overclock or standard)
Power Lian li 650 (is 650 good enough or i need a more powerful one)

i am going to use for gaming and working on multimedia stuff any suggestion or advice will be welcome thank you.
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  1. for a single GTX 460, a good 500w PSU is more then enough. a good 650w can handle the GTX 460 in SLI.
  2. Oo ok Thank you ct1615. just one more thing that is if VGA and processor is overcolck its still ok with 650W power supply right?
  3. yeah it will be fine. try to stick to antec, xfx, corsair, seasonic brands
  4. Thank you very Much :)
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