Driver Problem or Bad GPU?

I just put this system together yesterday and Windows installation + BIOS update + driver installation went flawlessly.

Intel core i7 860
Gigabyte P55a-ud4p (rev 2)
crucial DDR3 1600 8gb RAM
HIS 5850 (@765 Mhz) [icoolerv edition]
Creative X-FI xtrememusic
Corsair 620W Modular PSU
Samsung F3 1TB
WD 320gb Caviar

However, I went to run the Windows Performance Index and during the test my monitor turned a blue color with vertical lines across it. The system wasn't frozen (capslock worked) but it just stayed there forcing me to manually reboot. The GPU/System fans were running at full power though.

I tried this again and this time it just brought up a black screen forcing me to reboot again. Both times it happened during the Geometry test.

I tried to run 3DMark vantage as well and the same thing happened during that test...

It also occurs when I'm watching a movie. Happened a few times while watching Avatar BluRay. The screen freezes with some color artifacts but the system itself is not frozen. Requires hard reboot regardless.

A few times it also occurred just in Windows (nothing of note running) but it recovered and Windows told me that the "AMD Driver stopped responding and has recovered". Though this message never came up in the other scenarios.

I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but I think I may have to exchange the GPU... I"m currently running 10.6 catalyst drivers on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

help please?
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  1. I definitely think that it has something to do with the ATI drivers! I too built a new system and have this error pop up after a screen freeze "Displace driver _____ has stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

    would love someone to come to the rescue with a fix!
  2. Were you able to run a Windows Performance Index?

    I don't always get that error...sometimes it never recovers and sometimes I get a BSOD related to display drivers.
  3. Yes I was! BSOD occurred severeal times but nowhere near as frequently as the erroe msg. It has only been one day and i'm sick of this ati driver business. I've read in numerous places that it could possibly be the TDR business on the graphics card/mobo, or even something to do with the eco friendly power saving in the graphics card. Some others are blaming Windows but I think it is ATI, the 5770 i purchased yesterday has been out for a while so I'm sure there's a fix somewhere out there.

    Possibly the same error that is happening to your gpu also.
  4. Yes, I'm fairly certain we have the same problem.

    Also, have you ever lost video connection when this happens? (Monitor looses video signal) and what Power supply do you have?

    I'm trying to narrow down the source of the problem
  5. Seasonic M12 II 80 520w modular. I'm currently installing the 10.4 driver which I've been told, is a stable driver. I will get back to you if this works! FINGERS CROSSED!
  6. I just uninstalled all the ATI drivers and let windows install its own. The problem IS STILL THERE.

    So I'm thinking its a problem with my physical card not the drivers.
  7. i have the same problem when i insalled 10.6 driver but when i used 10.4 it is solved
  8. Hi expert92, did you also dl the latest gb amd mobo chipset driver? I just tried version 10.4 a few minutes ago and the freezing was even more frequent than the 10.6 version lol. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  9. sorry but i really 10.6 was causing many problems but it is resolved with 10.4
  10. I've concluded that my problem is the card itself. The artifacts occur even when windows isn't loaded.
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