Need help with Windows 7 taskbar customization.

I reinstall Windows 7 today and noticed something different about my taskbar. It's quite difficult to explain so I got a screenshot.

Basically, I have 5 programs pinned to the task bar, Firefox/IE9/Windows Live Messenger/Windows Explorer/World of Warcraft.

Before I reinstalled Windows today, when I open these programs, they open up to the right of these pinned programs, like where the red arrows point in the screenshot. Now these programs open in its original position as shown in the screenshot and I just can't figure out how to open them again to the right.

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  1. you take the icon with the left button and move where you whant on the taskbar,the taskbar have to be unlock to do this
  2. Unpinned programs open up to the right of pinned programs. if an icon is pinned, the program will open in that position.
  3. I wasn't clear about the problem because I did not know the right terms. Thanks to google, I've found my answer.

    Basically Windows 7 comes with taskbar and the ability to pin programs to taskbar. What I am really looking for is the quick launch bar, which is missing in Windows 7 unless you drag it out yourself.
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