Asus P8P97 pro Motherboard is not recognizing my 6970 cards.

My new Asus P8P97 pro Motherboard is not recognizing my 6970 cards. After turning the computer on the screen renders no singal via DVI port.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Starting simple, did you connect your 8+6 pin {some are 8+8 pin} PCIe connections to the GPU from the PSU? Is your monitor set to the correct input?
  2. The PCIE connections are all set in place. I tested each card individually and than again together. How would I switch my imput settings on my moniter? The last signal I displayed was a VGA signal via netbook when I had thought the Monitor might have been the problem.

    Cycled thorough various input settings, includng DVI and HDMI but with no avail.
  3. Assuming they individually worked, the next step is to install the Crossfire bridge in the correct location. The top HD6970 is the GPU to the monitor.

    See this video, scrub through to 4:00 mins ->
  4. I coulden't even get one card to display on my moniter.
  5. It may be the MOBO. All of the P67 & Z68 ASUS should have their BIOS updated first; I get it's impossible now.

    Pull the top GPU and only use the 2nd PCIe, and if that works then flash the BIOS. Statistically having 2 bad GPUs is super r-a-r-e, so my money's on the MOBO.

    If that fails then IMO I would breadboard with a minimal config.
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