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Hi all,
I am using the below configuration:



I got a 1 TB Western Digital Black drive in replacement of 250GB. Can anybody give me idea how/where to check whether this new drive will be compatible to my system or not?
2nd doubt, does power supply proportional to higher processor and bigger volume drives? I mean does i5/i7 needs more power than a C2Duo processor and does 1TB needs more power than a 250GB drive?
Currently I am using a 250W power supply in iBall (well known brand in india) Cabinet.

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    for hard drives the most important thing is the interface or the way you connect the hard drive to a cable and the cable to the motherboard. get a SATA drive and not an IDE drive as ide is older technology , you can look up pictures of sata and ide interface to see which interface your old hard drive uses to make sure you get a compatible drive

    as for the second question hard drives use the same amount of power, you will use more power if you have multiple drives but a single drive will take the same amount so you're ok
  2. The hard drive will work fine with the motherboard you listed. It has both SATA ports for newer drives and an IDE header for older drives. The new drive will be SATA.

    Newer processors actually use less power than older ones for the most part. At least with Intel. For instance your Core2Duo is a 65w dual core CPU at 2.33Ghz. A new Ivy Bridge i3 3220 is a 55w dual core at 3.3Ghz and it has Hyperthreading and onboard graphics. Hard drives use about 10 watts.
  3. Sorry alvine, I missed that I am using SATA drive.
    So more than a drive consume more power. Is that true if second drive is external one? If yes, then is 250W is ok for the system?
  4. Quote:
    So more than a drive consume more power. Is that true if second drive is external one?

    Each hard drive consumes about 10 watts. Some external drives are powered by the USB port and some have to plug into the wall. The ones that plug into the wall do not use system power obviously.

    List all the components in the system and I can tell you if that power supply is sufficient.
  5. Board and processor is already listed on top of the post. Apart that, I am using usb speakers, usb keyboard/mouse, usb external drive, dvd drive. That's all.
  6. You should be fine then. Discreet graphics cards are the big power hogs in a computer.
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