Bought a new graphics card and having some trouble :(


I'm in the process of slowly but surely building my own PC, I have a old HP Pavilion a1319h Desktop PC that i am using now, and wanted to start out with a new graphics card first. I thought i could get one that was compatible with this PC, and when i get more parts for my new one i could just transfer it over, I found a good deal at micro-center for a GeForce GT 220 1024MB DDR3 PCIe 2.0 Graphics Card when i put it in my PC of course my luck it wouldn't go past the splash screen that has the boot menu, f-1 for setup etc. It just freezes and the keyboard becomes non responsive. I used the device manager beforehand to uninstall the previous drivers, so my question is should i take it back and get something less keeping in mind it will be transferred to a new rig? Is it the psu that would cause it to freeze so if I get a new one it would boot? If i take the card out it boots up fine. I just want to play WoW and surf the web. Thank you for any help anyone can provide. Have a good afternoon! :hello:

BUDGET RANGE: trying to stay under $100 dollars if at all possible.
USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming [WoW and Borderlands, Surfing the web.
CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: (300W Bestec PSU that came with the HP used the on-board video on mobo.
Processor - Pentium4 517 (P) HT 2.93 GHz 533 MHz front side bus Socket 775
Chipset- ATI Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Processors
Mobo- RC410-M - HP/Compaq motherboard name: Asterope-GL8E
Mem- 2 GB (2 x 1 GB)
Slots- 3 Pci (2 available) 1 PCI-E x16,

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  1. HD4670 would be a good replacement (is more powerful and should run on your PSU). But you might be experiencing driver conflict download and use Driver Sweeper to get rid of ATI GPU driver remains.
  2. Thanks I'll give that a shot!
  3. I would also look at something higher than 300w PSU. That is really hard on a computer when playing games with high demands for power. I have ruined more than one graphics card and psu from buying too low a watt PSU for gaming.
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