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Q8400 vs core i5

Hey guys should i upgrade to an i5?My current cpu is q8400 and suits my needs very well for now.Is it worth the extra money to upgrade now or should I wait?

Here are my Specs btw

Core 2 quad Q8400 @ 2.66 ghz
G31m Es2c
4 gig ram
9800gt (broken) gonna upgrade soon to a 460gtx :D
17 inch Lcd at (1280x1024 native res)
Corsair 550vx 550w

I game at 12x10 native res and play games like metro and crysis and etc.And i Get roughly 20-30 fps with my current rig.So is worth the extra cash to buy a new mobo and upgrade to a i5? or should i wait a couple more a years?
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  1. Well that is a hard call really. I recently upgraded a Core 2 Quad to an i5 and have no regrets. I upgraded and sold on the Core 2 Quad while it was still worth a bit of money. It may help to take the future sale price into consideration.
  2. What was your Core 2 Quad?Unfortunately for me I can't the sell the Core 2 Quad,so if i upgrade to an i5 the Core 2 quad will just end up in the garbage So it is worth it to waste the money i used to buy the core 2 quad and buy a new i5(ior possibly i7)
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    I would stay with your CPU and upgrade the GPU now. I would wait for intels new CPUs to be released then consider buying a new cpu/mb when prices drop.
  4. Maybe look into a little OC to help hold you over for a little bit if possible. New CPU archs are around the corner.

    Also check out the newly released 6870 from AMD. Awesome card (faster than 5850 with similar power usage) for only $239.

    Why can't you sell your C2Q?
  5. You wont really notice any huge improvement over that upgrade. Keep wht you got til you really need something better. By then better cheaper stuff will be around.
  6. You can buy a new motherboard and overclock your current CPU to gain an intermediate speed increase.

    If you were going to upgrade you should go all the way to a quad core i5, and that will cost quite a bit more- motherboard + cpu + ram.
  7. DO wait until Sandy Bridge hits if you plan to swap platforms altogether.

    You SHOULD be able to hit 2.8-3Ghz with a good cooler on that board. So I recommend getting a Hyper 212+ and OCing the CPU. Even if you can't get a very high OC on that board, you will be able to re-use the Hyper 212+ with LGA1156 and most likely CM will provide brackets for the LGA2011/1155.
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