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I have a Sony Vaio touchscreen computer. Sometimes the system crashes then does an automatic check disk then OS comes back up. This does it alot even after reloading Vista a few times. Besides software, what can I use to test the hard drive to see if its going bad?

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  1. Run crystaldiskinfo ( http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html ). Unless it tends to happen mainly after the computer is on a long time (heat issue), it sounds more like an OS or driver issue, did it start after you loaded a program or windows update or has it been going on for a long time?
  2. I just did a diagnotic check and it came up with error PCMCIA-003. I looked in Device manager to see if there were missing drivers and I don't see any. Could this be the problem?
  3. More likely a corrupt or incompatible driver than a missing driver to cause such a problem. Do you have and PC Cards (PCMCIA devices) installed?
  4. Im not sure whats in the touchscreen yet...now I have just a black screen...OY. That happened when I rebooted after I did a dx on it.
  5. Use your repair disk or system install disk to boot up and then consider doing a repair install, which will fix the issues and save data/programs but require you to reinstall all windows updates.

    Your system sounds quite unstable so backup all your data as soon as possible.
  6. All I have is the recovery disk so hope that helps.
  7. Its not the hard drive. Things go bad after some time.
  8. csnorman said:
    All I have is the recovery disk so hope that helps.
    It should let you do a repair installation if you still have the recovery partition on your HDD that works with the recovery disk. Just restart with the recovery disk in your drive and select to boot from that disk.
  9. ok will give it a try, thanks for your input everyone
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