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AMD Oem cpu

I am going to buy a AMD 1055 t CPU I am torn between buying a OEM CPU snd the retail version. I have a Noctua NH-d14 CPU cooler I will be using I want to over clock the CPU.

oem 1055t

retail CPU

I have been burned with OEM cpu's in the past but with a dfferent company. What would you do if you were in my shoes.
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    For $10 more I'd get the boxed one with the waranty.
  2. Gotta agree with etk, very small price difference. Get the retail.
  3. Agree with responses above, the price difference is too small, the value for the OEM cpu is not attractive at all.
  4. thanks to to every one for your input I will be getting the retail version with warranty.
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