Big List of Troubleshooting Resources

This list is for people repairing, troubleshooting, assembling, or modifying computers
This is a list of links to useful information, utilities, items, and even tutorials.

I'm creating it for everyone to contribute. Simply reply with a link you think might be useful and if it really is useful, I'll put it here.

If you are looking for links don't go below this post. If someone provided a link and it's not been added, you probably do not want to click on it.

General PC Troubleshooting

-General Guides and Aids

TH: READ before posting about boot problems!
Even if this is not a new build and the PC has worked have a look at this one. Covers many issues and could solve yours.

How to ask for troubleshooting help
How to organize your thoughts and present your problem to forum users so you can get fast accurate help

HardwareLogic: My Computer Won't Start (DEAD)

What to Do If Your Computer Doesn’t Turn On @ Hardware Secrets


Ultimate BIOS Guide: Every Setting Decrypted and Explained! -Maximum PC
This is a printable version.
Understanding All Voltage Configurations from the Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets
Techarp Free BIOS Guide There is also a paid version that is very detailed but not so useful to the casual debugger/builder
How To Perform a BIOS Upgrade @ hardware Secrets


Everything You Need To Know About DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 Memories @ Hardware Secrets
TH Memory FAQ
Quick guide to DDR3


Everything You Need to Know About The Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit @ Hardware Secrets


How to use Prime95 to test your CPU cooling, overclock, and stability
The Foxconn LGA 1156 socket debacle



As the average user can't troubleshoot a PSU, not much to say here.
How to test any PSU for basic functionality

Poor or No Electrical Ground - What to Do About It

Specific Issues

BSOD Blue Screen of Death

Maximum PC on BSODs
Wiki on BSOD


Aford10's guide to removing malware


The Ultimate Boot CD When you need to boot from a CD to sort things out.
Hiren's Boot CD A similar thing with some nice features.

CPU-Z Vital for overclocking, but also for detecting RAM settings.
Real Temp Just measures CPU core temps. Does it well.
HWMonitor Tracks many temps and a few other useful things.
Speedfan Reads more, controls more, very handy but use with caution.
Tree Size View and work with HD directories in an informative and simple way.

GPU-ZTracks many GPU temps
Fraps Measure those game framerates accurately and make movies to show others what your GPU issue is.


Belarc Advisor One of many such tools to gather hardware information about your PC.

Hardware Tools

Where to buy a small motherboard speaker.
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    If the case fan dont spin its totally toasted, doesnt tell you if its only partially alive but its useful for telling if a power supply is totally dead.
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    SpeedFan (
    TreeSize Free (
    FRAPS (
    There are a bunch more that I can't think of right now, but will try to post them later.
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    3D Traceroute -
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