Upgrade GPU for HP Pavilion a6200n

Hi forum, :)

I bought this computer a year ago, it works very well, and now i want to buy a new graphic card for gaming (about 120$).
But i'm a noob at the hardware stuff :pt1cable:
I have my eyes on the hd 5670 but i'm not should if it worked or not (if not could you recommend me some other GPU about as good as it like GT 240, Geforce 9600, etc...)
You can find the hardware info at the specification bar at (haven't touched anything since got it :??: )

Please leave some advices about the GPU and brands for me :)
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  1. The 5670 would be what i'd go for, but, IIRC, you may need to upgrade your power supply as the one that comes standard with that unit is only 200w..

    the only other thing you need to think about is physical room in the case but since the 5670 isn't exactly a massive card i wouldn't worry about it
  2. Hah, it's upside down. Well, the motherboard that is. You may be able to get away with using a 5670, but with a wimpy PSU you risk blowing out components if you actually manage to put this under heavy load. Then again it's not a monster machine so it could be just fine.

    If you are going to get a new PSU then you may as well get a more powerful Radeon 4850 or nvidia GTS 250. The main reason to get a 5670 is since it's low power and heat after all :D. Even though the 4850 and GTS 250 are not DX11 cards, they are faster than the 5670 and the 5670 is just a little too slow to use DX11 anyway.
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    A tier 4 PSU and 4850

    COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3 500W $39.99

    Gigabyte 4850 512MB $89.99

    The Cooler Master PSU is decent enough (not great but not crap either) and will be more than enough for your computer and a 4850. It's hard to do better for the price. Alternatively if you are next to a CompUSA I believe they have their Ultra LS PSUs on sale right now which are not bad.
  4. Take a look at an HD 4850. It is kind of last year's technology, but it is still a way better card than the one that you are looking at. Here's one at newegg that is only 115$ after rebate:

    You will see significantly higher performance with a 4850 than a 5670

    Edit: didn't realize that someone found a cheaper card than that. You probably want to go with the 90$ card, although the vaporX card that i posted is a pretty sweet card:P
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