MSI P67A-GD65 showing "no hard disk detected" error

Its showing the "no hard disk detected" message on the black screen when I turn on pc. But my Windows still boots up. So what's causing this problem? I mean it should be showing my hard disk model as it is booting up but its still showing no hard disk detected error on start up. I have seen the P67A-GD65 model on videos too and none have this error. Should I RMA it? It shouldn't be showing this error. Please help
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  1. No Replies? Btw I even tried replacing it with another HDD but its not even detecting the other HDD on the black screen. But somehow my windows still boots up. I'm just saying why isn't it detecting my HDD on black screen?
  2. Well, I wouldn't RMA it unless it didn't boot at all.. did you try replacing the SATA cable, and moving it to another one of the SATA connectors on your mobo?
  3. The black screen you're seeing is the hard drive detection screen for the Marvell SATA3 controller. If you don't have any drives connected to those ports, then it won't detect anything, and you get that message. It's normal.

    You can disable the Marvell controller in the BIOS and it won't show that screen any more.
  4. I had the same problem with my P67A-GD65 B3.
    As the Leaps-from-Shadows wrote, I disabled the Sata 6Gb controllers (Marvell) and that's OK.
    When I get 6Gb HD, I'll enable the Marvell controller.
    Thanks guy.
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