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Help Very Strange Power Saving Problem

Last response: in Components
October 27, 2010 8:38:34 AM

Hello TomsHW community,

Since iv owned this pc (Gateway 510x) i have had issues with "power saving mode". Originally my biggest problem was that it would go into power saving mode after a certain time of running without any interaction, and i couldnt "wake up" the pc with the mouse or keyboard. I fixed this by turning off this mode through windows.
Since then iv had problems with starting the pc up after having it shut down for a day or more it would go into power saving mode. The strange thing about this is it only happens if i leave the pc off for an extended amount of time. If its just a quick reboot or if its only off for a few hours it will boot back up problem free. But if its off overnight my moniter will be stuck in this "Power Saving Mode" and i get nothing but a black screen when i start it back up.
At first i could just unplug the video card and unplug/plug in the moniter cable a few times and eventually it would start up as normal. Eventually this no longer worked, but i could use the power switch on the back of the tower to turn off the pc and when i turned the switch back to on and hit the power button on the front it would eventually work.
My latest problem with this none of the aforementioned worked. I messed around with it for a full day and couldnt get the moniter to power up correctly. Finally i turned this little red switch located on the back of the power supply from 115v to 230v and back to 115 while the computer was on and it rebooted itself and the moniter worked as normal and im on it now. My question is what is causing this problem and how can i fix it. Im worried that maybe next time i wont be able to get the computer up and running, and i dont have the money for a new one or even to take it in for repairs. Any help would be much appreciated.
October 27, 2010 9:04:48 AM

italianyg said:
Finally i turned this little red switch located on the back of the power supply from 115v to 230v and back to 115 while the computer was on and it rebooted itself and the moniter worked as normal and im on it now.

Let me get this straight, you change the voltage regulator from 115V to 230V then back to 115V?

How can I put it nicely... You are very lucky the PC didn't receive any damage due to improper voltage supply.

For example, the last time my colleague did that to an electronic device, he ended up damaging a chip inside. You should've seen how that chip puffed up like a baked bread. :lol:  The point is, don't do that anymore.

As for your initial issue, it might be caused by corrupt registry, intermittent issue, improper Windows setting.

Is it still happening after you did that switching thing?

EDIT: Typo
October 27, 2010 9:58:54 AM

You switched the voltage input? Don't do that again.

You may find that this can be adjusted in the OS.
Is that the one that came with MediaCentre? Which OS are you using now?
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October 27, 2010 11:38:57 AM

Hello thanks for the quick replies.
I had no idea what the voltage switch was when i switched it over, i had been trying to get the pc up for over a day and was desperate. I didnt even know what the switch was until i looked it up after i got the moniter out of power saving mode.

I dont know if its still happening as i said it only happens when i turn off the pc for extended periods of time and then try and boot it back up. Judging by the pattern it has been following, id think that it will mess up again if i turn it off for more then a couple hours.

Plumble, my operating system is Windows XP Professional. What do you mean is that the one that came with mediacentre?

Thanks for the fast replies guys.
October 27, 2010 7:31:41 PM

Turn power saving mode to max performance.

Good advice.

I meant XP Media Centre.
October 28, 2010 12:15:12 AM

Where do i change PSM to max perf? Do you mean control panel>power options>power schemes>max battery?
October 28, 2010 11:40:35 PM

Iv done as you said and set power scheme to max battery but im still running into power saving mode problems. Iv been lucky and the last 2 times its happened i was able to get it out by unplugging the moniter cord from the vid card a few times. Any other suggestions?
October 29, 2010 12:19:33 AM

Check to see if hibernate is enable, if so, deselect it.