Is this psu good value?

hi :hello: i posted a while back about my case im getting so this time i thought i wuold ask before i bought my psu

my question is is this psu good quality?, and is the price right?.

my psu i plan to buy:

for refernce here is my case on ebay:

my specs at the moment are:
a nvidia geforce 9800
i7 860 @ 3,3ghz
gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4

in the near future i will be upgrading my graphics card to a saphire 5970
then not long after that ill be buyng another one to crossfire with
here is the 5970 on umart:
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  1. That is a good PSU. No problem. But the thing is, its way too overkill for a HD5970x2. You can do with a good 850W PSU from Corsair AX850W or something from Seasonic.
  2. but besides the overkill the psu is fine
    the main question i was wondering is it a good price or is it a rip off?
  3. Quad crossfire would both be a waste of time and precious money.. And yeah, the PSU is actually an overkill even with two 5970's..
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