Need help to secure wireless network via Linksys!

Hi Everyone.

I stink at anything that involves technology. I appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm sure this is a very easy question, but I can't figure it out.

How can I secure my wireless connection? We recently moved and I used the same Linksys wireless router that we had in the old house, although the person that installed our internet said he couldn't make it secure because I didn't have the installation CD.

Any ideas where i can get this CD? I don't know much, but I definitely want to make our connection secure.

My Linksys wireless router is model: wrt54g v. 3

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. 1. bring up IE or firefox

    2. enter into the URL bar at the top

    3. user/pass: admin/admin

    4. click on wireless

    5. under basic settings, see what the ssid is.

    6. click on security-the password is right there.
  2. Xstang, thank you so much for writing back. I did what you said, and on security, it says that our security is enabled (I don't see the password that you mentioned I should.?), but when I go back to my internet to reconnect to the internet, it still says I'm not password protected.

    Any other ideas? What am I missing? Thanks again.
  3. ok first off the user name is nothing leave it blank and the password is admin or linksys..

    If you cant get in hold down the lil red button on the back of the router and it will set it to factory defaults. then try password as admin or linksys

    You can click on the wireless then basic settings n program your router

    Also you do not need installation cd for router?
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