Can a bad hard drive damage a power supply?

I have a computer that worked fine I replaced the HDD with a new one powered it up and now the computer shuts itself down after anywhere from 45 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes. I then put the original HDD back in and it does the same thing.
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  1. I suppose in theory, but I've never heard of it and a decent PSU should have enough protection to prevent it.
  2. I dont think HDD damage affects the PSU. But in your case it looks like the PSU is dying. What's your full computer specs and how old is your PC?
  3. I've seen faulty IDE hard disks short and prevent terminals from powering on at all so I would say it could cause damage to PSU.
  4. it is a 2ghz intel celeron with a 180 watt is old I use it for my kids
  5. TY all for the reply's.
    Also I just added 2 GB of ram
  6. Did you add the RAM at the same time?
  7. yes I did can RAM cause restart issues?
  8. Please mention the specs of the old RAM and the new RAM.
  9. RAM is MUCH more likely to be the cause of the issue!

    As hell_storm said, can we have the specs of old and new RAM, and can I add motherboard and CPU.
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