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Static with Realtek onboard and Logitech Z506 speakers at idle.

Hi I have recently purchased a set of Logitech z506 surround sound 5.1 speakers to use with my onboard Realtek HD audio in my Dell Studio XPS 8100 1986nbc/Win 7 64x. I really like the setup and performance other than the fact I get static feedback at idle from mainly the center channel speaker and any ideas on cause or fix would be great. It is not really loud static but it is aggravating and I tried to seperate cables but it didn't help. Any replies or info?Thanks!
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  1. I already tried that and it really sounds like interference is there any other ideas.
  2. I have had 3 sets of Logitech speakers over the years and they all have hissed.
    They really are just cheaply made computer speakers so you can not expect to much out of them...
  3. Yeah I know I only paid 100 bucks for the set but for cheap speakers they sound good turned up and they also use the analog outputs which to my surprise has decent 5.1 seperation and the HD manager is good for setting up room correction for different speaker locations. Should I try a new discrete sound card or like right now no static but certain times its constant.Thanks for all the replies!
  4. You say analog like it is a bad thing :p
    Even if you where using digital output you would still have to convert it to analog before the speakers play it.
    I guarantee you that even your computers cheap audio codec has a better DAC than any set of Logitech speakers...

    A real sound card would defiantly give you much better sound quality.
    Unfortunately, it probably will not stop the speakers from hissing.
    Do a quick test and see if a new sound card will fix your issue.

    Next time you are sitting at your computer, you have nothing playing and you hear the hissing, unplug the speaker jacks from the computer.
    If the hissing goes away, it was interference from your system and a quality sound card would probably help.
    If it does not go away, you just have a noisy amp and a new sound card would not help.
  5. No its not bad I like it's the only reason I bought these speakers , and also have a Sony 1000w 5.1 home theatre which I could use with the digital output to check for static. I will purchase a new sound card but I want to buy a new psu and a AMD 6870 to go in my Dell Studio XPS 8100 i7-860/ATI 5770/8gig 1333mhz ddr3. Anyway thanks for your replies. What is a good decent priced sound card?
  6. Assuming you are just powering speakers (as opposed to high impedance cans), look into either the ASUS Xonar D1 (PCI) or Xonar Dx (PCIe).
    Either can be located for around $80 and both have excellent sound quality.
  7. My system has a wireless card I probaly could use that slot, because I don't use it (wired is better). I wish I had done a little more research before purchase I don't have many upgrade options and a Cyperpower around the same price and with similar components but alot of room for upgrade would have been better choice. Anyway thanks for help/info and I will be buying new sound card.
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    No problem.
    If you run into any other issues, just drop a post!
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