Changing HDD in laptop

im going to be buying a new hard drive on black friday for my lap top. but i have a question about doing it.

best buy has a service where they will transfer all data from one HDD to another so i was going to have them do that for me.

if i just take my old one out and plug the new one in will it all just work or do i have to tell the laptop theres a new hard drive installed.

(asus g73jh)
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  1. It should just work by swapping them out.
  2. I'm assuming you'll take out the old drive, take them both to Best Buy, have them copy the data, and then put the new one in the laptop. This should work.
  3. I will recommend to DIY.

    1) You need one like this USB 2.0/3.0 to SATA Adapter
    This adapter is for 2.5" SATA hard driver only, if you want to get this then you can use for all HDD.

    2) And watch video to see how to replace the laptop's HDD

    3) If you buy WD HDD get the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software for free

    4) If you buy the Seagate get the DiscWizard (also Acronis ) for free too

    5) Get the new HDD on BF sale.

    Plug in new HDD with the adapter into the laptop, install the Acronis ( you install now), follow the step by step to cloning the whole HD into the new one, and you are done.

    One thing is you can learn something too, right?
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