Asus p5n-d gtx470 question

I upgraded to a GTX470 from a 9600gt. I don't notice any frame rate difference in BF bad company 2 and in APB and I figured it would be completely smoother and great investment... I formated and re-installed windows as well before installing the video card for a fresh clean installation of the video card. I don't understand... I've read that people say it's like a night and day difference... Is there software I can get to make sure all my hardware is properly working? thanks.

I'm running:
asus p5n-d
gtx 470
gskill 4g 800mhz memory
thermaltake black widow 850watts psu
Western Digital Caviar Black 640gb HDD
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  1. Do you overclock your CPU?
  2. its @ 2.66ghz
  3. If you overclock the CPU you will see increase in frame rate. These new powerful GPU's of today need CPU speed of 3.0GHz or greater to keep up with them. What resolution are you playing at? The lower it is the bigger the CPU bottleneck.
  4. bottle necking means that my cpu needs to be faster?
  5. Yes it basically means that the CPU is holding the performance of the GPU back.
  6. what cpu wouldnt hold it back? i've OC'd it to around 3.3ghz and it still doesnt seem to do what im looking for....
  7. i play at 1920x1080, but shouldnt that not matter with a quad and gtx 470?
  8. which settings should i use in 3dmark? and i am using a native resolution on a 46" toshiba lcd tv... which is 1824x1028 would that affect anything?
  9. the reason im using a native resolution is because it scales pass my screen so i have to use nvidia scaling to make it fit.
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