I7 replacement processor in a MT6831 Gateway Laptop

Is it possible? I am looking into Extending the life of this ancient piece of machinery and in doing so would like to optimize performance. So, I'm very willing to get this sort of processor into my computer, What would it take new motherboard, What?
This laptop is up to date on it's service packs.
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  1. No, sorry. Laptops are too proprietary for this sort of thing. Even if you could find a new motherboard that happened to fit into the old case correctly, the expense of replacing the board, CPU, and RAM would exceed the cost of a new laptop.

    Then there are other parts such as the LCD lamp, which will wear out and need replacement.

    Service packs are not an issue as, if it were possible, a fresh operating system would need to be installed.
  2. Yeah, see, I'm willing to spend that sort of money. I hate change and am willing to do anything to keep this rust bucket alive. I would love to put an i7 in.
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    The best you can do is run a the files and settings transfer wizard built into XP or Vista, store it to a thumb drive, and transfer the old settings to the new PC.

    It's like trying to put that Chevy 8-cylinder engine into your Mazda... is it possible? Sure with enough machine shop resources and such.

    Take a picture of your old laptop and paste it onto your new one... that would be close to the final result anyway.
  4. That 8 cylinder engine would rock out that mazda xD
  5. i bet you don't even need an i7.. Do you video edit/encode?
  6. I do do that. I don't NEED an i7, I just would like the extra speed. This Machine is slow when I need it to be fast, hence the reason I would LIKE an i7, or one of the i series in there. The processor I have is an Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5300 "Merom"
  7. To reiterate what Proximon said earlier, you would need to find a spare/replacement laptop motherboard from a modern laptop that works with an i7. I couldn't find any with a quick search on's likely you'd have to buy them direct from the manufacturer, if they're even willing to sell to you (which is unlikely). Then you would need to verify that it fits in your laptop case. Chances of that working are slim, laptops are designed to work with the parts they came with, and don't deal well with change themselves.

    I'd say it's less of a question of money than a question of being able to get the parts. They're just not widely available.

    You really are better off buying a new laptop, even though it involves change. The effort, time, money, and frustration that would go into trying to get your old one to work wouldn't be worth the effort.
  8. lol, you should save and build a desktop with an i5 :P
  9. I don't do desktops, willingly. I found a processor That is .43GHz better. And a perfect fit for the motherboard. With what proximon says, it does seem not worth it for now. Thanks.
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