New Vid Card,Breaker tripping?, wtf

My problem is a breaker in the pc is tripping somewhere. It only does this under a load. ie when I play mw2.

I bought an MSI ATI 4870, it needs dual 6 pin power connectors. I have an after market psu 650w(no name cheapy) that has one 6pin on it already. I used a dual 4pin to 6 pin connector to connect the other power.

before i give/find all my specs, When it trips there is still power to the pc at some level... the power button is lit up but not functional. I have to manually turn the power strip off. THen it boots up fine, no errors. It only happens under a graphiclly challenging load....after like 15 minutes, then trips. Restarts fine.

My pc is ancient and i think either my cheap psu or old mobo is the culprit. I dont think it is the circuit in my house being overdrawn. I have unplugged everything in the room and had the same prob.

HP m7360n- here's link to hp specs for mobo... i have the 2.8 processor

here is the ebay link for the psu i have.

I dont want to overload yall with info so let me know what details u might need.

I just wanna play ARRGGHHH
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  1. I blame it on the PSU! You should get yourself a new Quality PSU before this one starts killing components. The PSU is the most important component in the system, the life of all other components depends on it!
  2. I hate to hear that, hey wanna buy a 650w psu? REAL CHEAP!
    but....i cracked the case open and saw that it is a blue star.(quality?) I got it for $30 on ebay... This ati4870 only calls for for a min500w psu, and cheap or not this psu excedes that. Does name brand matter that nuch? What do I look for, if not wattage alone?
    I was wondering too, is there a right way to hook that 2x4pin to 6pin connector in the harness? Should I use one lead (called a rail?) or use 2 separate leads.
    And is my mobo lacking in the power dept? It is like 4 or 5 years old. It has a PCIeX16 slot (1.0 or 2.0 i dunno)
  3. anybody?
  4. Right way to connect is to use two different leads for the adapter. A quality PSU does matter in that sense it is unlikely to fail and kill other components which cheap generic PSU's are famous for. Here is a image of a sticker of a quality 650watt unit if you compare the output ratings they are a lot higher especially on the +12 volts.
  5. I have to separate leads powering the 2nd connection on the card now...still no good.
    I found an easier way to trip(and test) the setup, I run the windows experience index, crashes it every time.
    And rolli, I dont see the image you mentioned... I think I know what your talking about there is a table on the side of my psu, it reads +3.3V/30A , +5V/32A , +12V/35A,
    -12V/0.5A , +5vsb/2.5A , TOTAL/650W

    I dont have any extra stuff in the pc, i took out the tv card and the wireless card, cuz i use niether and gave my card some more breathing room.....sigh....
  6. Try not using a powerstrip. Have nothing else use that wall outlet. In a newer house with normal wiring and a quality strip you should not have to do this, but its worth a try.
  7. That PSU is made by PowerKing and is really not very good -- Depending on which ad you look up the specs on it shows either 30 or 35Amps on the single +12V Rail so a 4870 is probably really nearing the limit of its capabilities and as the system temp rises a few degrees the outpu of the PSU is probably reaching a point that it can not handle the load and shutting down --- for a video card like a 4870 you really need a decent PSU by a well known quality company --- Many shadier companies will overrate the PSU's by testing the output in a COLD room where the temp is near freezing so they can rate it higher than what it can actually output and the output the state even then is the MAX output not a continuous output.

    Another scary thing about that PSU is on one of the sites that carries it they list :

    Additional Information:

    * Notes:
    * Model: PSPK650
    * UPC: 6 41272 69819 1
    * This power supply has no regulatory approvals

    So if it fails it may take the rest of your system with it since it has not passed any regulatory testing to verify it is up to the ratings !!!
  8. Thanks for the help yall, I had a sneaking suspition it was the psu, get what you pay for, right? I just played splinter cell with the graphics at a medium setting and had no problems, logically that tells me the card is getting not getting enough power. Thanks for the confimation though.

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