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My computer has recently crashed while playing a game, the screen when sorta staticy so i rebooted my computer but all I get is the static on the screen. The computer seems to start up normally but just has the static covering the screen. The static changes as the computer goes through its start up.
I have no idea what to do, any ideas?

This is what the screen looks like once turned on:


You can pm me at:
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  1. Looks like you killed your GPU. I'm guessing it overheated. Had a similiar thing happen to my old PC with an 8600GT. I never bothered to open the heat sink up and clean it so it was quite clogged with dust. After that, it had all kinds of color stuff going through the screen somewhat like what you're seeing.
  2. So is the card junk now or is it fixable?
  3. It depends. You cannot be sure it's gpu. What kind of gpu is that? I had only one card that would make SUCH artifacts. Put it in your friends pc and see what happens. Thats the only option to make sure its gpu that failed.
  4. Ok ill try that, it is a Geforce 6600. The card was quite dirty and it does get hot around the graphics card.
  5. oh. It's quite old card. I had one and it failed too, not so hard as yours did. Anyway , try to run it in your friends pc and let us know, alright? However now, I am more convinced that its faulty gpu. If it work the same in your friends cpu, the only thing you can do is take off cooler of the card. It might become handy in the future and the card itself put into trashbin and buy a new one.
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