ATI 5770+Windows 7 Desktop with no icons or taskbar

I recently upgraded from Windows XP x32 to Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. I did what was instructed, the custom installation and everything went fine. I installed the drivers for me motherboard (Gigabyte MA790X-UP4P and rebooted my computer. I installed the updates for windows 7 as soon as it prompted me to and I went on to install the 9.12 drivers for my Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 ( Once i finished, I rebooted as it prompted me to and it all restarted. As soon as windows started up I was greeted with a desktop background but no icons, mouse, or taskbar. My certain graphics card is supported (at least what microsoft has said) by x64 bit windows 7. I have system restored to get rid of the ATI driver and have reinstalled it many a times to try to figure out the problem. I have done Driver Sweeper as per instructed by many other forums and no luck has yet to come. I am really running dry on ideas or suggestions. I have tried out the AMD forums, windows 7 help forums, windows tech support, AMD graphics telephone (I will be able to call them on monday). Other quick specs: CPU AMD Phenom II x550, PSU: Antec EW-650 RAM: G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1066. I am really desperate at this point in time as I have spent 10+ hours trying to fix this. If I need to clarify anything I would more than glad to.
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  1. When you install Windows 7, does the system work with the drivers that come with Windows itself? If so, and if those drivers supply the functionality you want, my inclination would be to just stick with them.
  2. you could try the dual core optimizer , I had problems in some games before I installed it
  3. have you tried taskmanager then run= explorer.exe
    my guess is its something to do with the screen settings (as you probably figured) make sure the screen display settings are right
  4. Sooooooooooo I am pretty stupid. I had both my DVI and HDMI cable hooked in and when I would reboot the computer after installing the driver, the computer thought that my main desktop was with the HDMI cable. I unhooked the HDMI cable and changed my monitor to DVI settings and that worked. All along it was only because I had both of my cables hooked in...........

    Thanks for the replies. My worries are over.
  5. we've all done similar stuff ...doh!
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