Xfx 780i motherboard is beeping rapidly not 1 steady beep

i have an xfx 780i with 4gigs of corsair ram ddr2 8500 1066 dual 8800gtx sl video cards and an intel e8400 processor i shut down my cpu yesterday after it worked fine and started or tried to start it up today and i keep getting a series of rapid beeps i removed ram 1 stick at a time and rotated it and did the same with the video cards and still get the same results any ideas?
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  1. It could be a power error.
  2. meaning power supply? how do you test one without having a spare around?
  3. I would start by unplugging and replugging all power cords it can be the power circuitry on the motherboard just as well as the PSU. Inspect as well for blown or rounded capacitors.
    Without a PSU tester it is difficult to determine PSU failure without changing it.
  4. i give up its at the shop getting the once over... the more i look into it the more i risk breaking it worse! thanks for the help
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