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I am unable to see the contents on my 1TB WD external USB that I have used for extra storage, usually mounted to my win7 laptop.

What I think happened - recently, I was working on a Ubuntu image, mounted via VMware and wanted to fdisk a different drive.
I forgot my 1TB WD was also attached and think I performed the fdisk on the wrong drive. Am now unable to mount a drive letter. I'm quite sure the drive is healthy.

I have tried a recovery tool like Recuva, but it requires a drive letter assigned.

Should I just do a quick format of the drive, then launch a recovery tool, like Recuva?
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  1. Check Disk Management first. You may be able to assign a drive letter there if it's just a letter assignment issue. Right-click & choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths".

    Disk Management will also show you if you really did zap the partition, since if you did it will show as "unallocated space" and the option above will be greyed out. You will then have a better idea on how to proceed, such as a quick-format then using partition recovery software.
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