Is ThermalTake Blue Orb II rate well as a pent 4 fan

hi all,

im trying to up grade my old intel pent 4 ht 3.0 to 3.8 670 cpu and was wondering if blue orb is a good or crap fan or what IS the best fan for LGA 775 socket ?. if i up grade to 3.8, will i need to change up my power supply ? and please, none of these " just by a new pc" replies. money is an issue.
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  1. Just because it's socket 775 doesnt mean you could put a 3.8 on the board. Check with the board manufacturer to see if the new chip is supported. Also, blue orb is weak sauce, and will perform about the same as the stock fan, which sucks. It will work, but if you are in a hot place it might not work out.

    Get a sunbeam contact core freezer, they are $20 or less on sale.
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