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I just built a pc for a friend. i5 750, MSI P55GD65, 8GB G.skill eco series ddr3 1600, XFX 5870, corsair 650W power supply, and all installed in a HAF 922. now it worked for 4 weeks ( had to ship it to him he is 6 hours away) all of a sudden the game he was playing would lock up with horizontal lines going across the screen and reverbing sound.. it happened twice and on the second time ( which was a few days later) the machine won't post at all no pic no bios no num lock light, nothing but fans turn on. tested with his old 8400GT and it works, reinstall 5870, same thing... he found some kind of residue on the top of the card and his friend says it looks like condensation. however the machine is air cooled with no liquid and he says nothing has been above the computer. Can anyone tell me what happened and will xfx honor the warranty with this residue?
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  1. Have your buddy take a picture of this card an u/l to photobucket or wherever.
    If your testing the story out, because it looks like the card was physically exposed to something, you might as well show us.
  2. you have a good here is a link to the photo on the bucket
  3. Imo, that looks like something that could have shorted those points. Contact cleaner might clean the residue, but you don't want to look like you did clean a contaminant. But they won't cover a contaminant short either.
  4. any idea what it could be? he claims that nothing could have done that as nothing is ever above the pc at all ( there is a fan on top of the pc in his defense )
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    Initiate a RMA with XFX. They should honor the warranty.( I hope you registered the card with them). Most likely the contamination was present at manufacturing, and they will want to follow up on it.
  6. I did register under his name when I built it so that part is done have to find out what info they need to do an rma. OCZ is great tho lol didn't need anything not even proof of purchase ( i guess they put it in the serial number) but really would like some ideas. I was thinking manufacturing defect. a friend of mine discounted the fact that is could be flux. one thought I had was maybe sweat somehow.. I had him try the card in the other pci express slot, and see if a dry towel wipes that off....waiting to hear from him. I will update when i have more info. any new info from you good ppl on here would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have very very similar specs (other than a corsair 750TX) as yours and I just RMA'd my second card, both cards being the XFX 5870, in fact for the exact same reason. The bars would appear, and that residue would be there. I thought the thing was over heating because it comes OC'd, so I under clocked it but had the same issues.

    Now I'm going to turn to nVidia's flagship card.
  8. I talked to someone who lives in fla and he says that condensation on a graphics card is common in summer when the computer is not in an air conditioned room.. is there any truth to this? I feel as though if the card was running ( machine is on 24/7 ) it would run too hot for water to condense 36C and gaming gets up to 70-75C

    Edit: I uploaded some more is a link to the album and it looks to me as though it happened over the entire board not just in that one area... I am inclined to say manufacturing defect at this point. does anyone agree or disagree?
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