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Howdy, folks! I just have a bit of a question regarding an upgrade I'm looking at. Right now I'm running a 9800 GT and the upgrade is a 5850. Now, I have this PSU (Cooler Master 500w) and it only has one 6-pin connector while the 5850 requires two of them. I was thinking that I could use a 4-pin to 6-pin converter and it'll run fine, or am I walking a thin wire and should upgrade to something like this?

Basically the goal of this upgrade is to run games like Red Faction: Guerrilla, STALKER, Bad Company 2 and Fall Out 3 on max settings and I don't think the 5770 can do that. I'm running an Intel Q6700 and 6 GB of RAM on W7 64 bit, in case that helps determine the use of wattage on the PSU.
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    That Cooler Master PSU should run it fine. It meets the recommended specs. And stay away from cheap overrated logisys PSU's the one you linked to has way worse specs than the Cooler Master and is only 400 - 450 watts on a good day!
  2. Thanks for the help, looks like I'll save a little bit of money. :)
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  4. I guess I'll repurpose this thread for another question.

    So I'm playing games or browsing the web when areas of my screen (localized in the middle, left and right sides) starts to flicker in different shades of that color. So a dark gray would become a darker gray. And, little darker bars would scroll upwards on the screen the same way. Is my monitor or GPU dying?

    Edit: I should add this happens often.
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