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So I just replaced my motherboard because I was have video issues with my old build now I am again having video issues. I'm not entirely convinced the problem is with my GPU. The problems started last week, when I powered up my system my 8800GT would not out put video but I could get video out of the on motherboard video card thought the video was low resolution. It did power up one night no problem and this morning after resetting my bios everything was fine. Before this started there were no video issues no glitches or artifacts, when the problems were taking place my system would pause and crashed once. So I figured the issue was in my MB and decided to replace it with an Asus M4A77D and upgrade from XP to 7. After replacing the MB again I get no video. I just not entirely convinced it's the GPU but I could be wrong. Some advice would be great.
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  1. Start out by checking the integrity of the Power Supply (under load).

    The next step would be to check the video card. Different video cards require different minimum PSU capacities. Check this from the video card specs.
  2. How do I check the PSU integrity? It's a 600w that I have been using with this GPU for 3 years without issue until last week.
  3. Cool Thank you. I'll give that a run, though the system does power up and the fans on the system are running when I power up.
  4. Ok tested the PSU the fans did run though the internal fan on the PSU was not running very fast.
  5. Well even though I don't think it's the GPU I'm going to start a ticket with XFX and have them check out the card.
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