What should temperatures be?

I got a new ATI 5750, and after playing some Napoleon: Total War on it, it was 81 C according to Catalyst Control Center. Its currently 66 C on idle.

Is it supposed to be this hot or is it normal?
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  1. Thats a little warm on the idle, but fine on the load, you are safe up to 100C so dont worry about it.
  2. +1^

    How big is your case?

    How much cooling do you have?

    If concerned, the cheapest option is to place a couple of 120mm case fans facing the card to keep temps down.

    Good luck.
  3. Well, I am starting to get concerned, because I just played Bad Company 2, and it reached 88 C and the game was starting to lag.

    It doesn't help that its 37 C here.
  4. What resolution were you playing at? And were you maxed out? A 5750 can probably on handle it at high or medium-high not highest at 1920x1080 so that might cause some lag.

    The temp there certainly doesnt help, heatsinks work off of a temperature difference so if your ambient temp drops 10C down to 27C your load temps should also drop 10C.
  5. I was playing it at MAX settings, 1600x900 (Which is my max resolution on this monitor) at 60 FPS on average.

    I'm looking into getting a fan put in because this summer is going to be hot as hell.
  6. I don't think the 5750 can drive max settings smoothly.
  7. If you had high levels of AA on, the limited memory interface on the 5750 would keep you from performing well, i dont think your lag issues are heat based but are instead based on your card just cant keep up.
  8. Well its 4AA last time I checked. What about Ansio? Would that strain the card?
  9. I should add that I haven't overclocked the card, its still at stock settings.
  10. It's simply the 5750 is not powerful enough to run Bad Company 2 at that level of detail and at that resolution.
  11. Turn off the AA, i bet you your performance will increase significantly.
  12. Would turning off the AA decrease the temps?
  13. Maybe a little if it reduces the load some, but i believe your current problem is your GPU is at 100% load and cant output smooth frame rates not that the heat is making it stutter, the heat is an effect of it working as hard as it can.
  14. I may have figured out the problem. Even when the GPU reaches 87 C, the fan is only 50% usage. Any way to change this?
  15. open up catalyst control center, go to the overdrive section and set the fan speed manually.
  16. hunter315 said:
    open up catalyst control center, go to the overdrive section and set the fan speed manually.

    Its pretty loud, but things seem pretty smooth.
  17. Those temps are quite high for a 5750, though not critical.You might increase fan speeds and you should definitely disable antialiasing.I feel that AA is not required from that resolution onwards.
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