Problem with my HDD

my notebook is take along time to boot and its laging to much
i think its from hard disk
help me please
the red one sometimes give bad spin time...
when it turn to red the pc lag
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  1. There are a lot of things that can cause a machine to boot slowly, sometimes it is hardware related sometimes it's just programs loading.

    Try checking msconfig to see whats loading, and clean up anything you don't want running everytime the machine boots.

    If the hard drive is bad there is nothing you can do other than replace it.
  2. Your spin up count is fine. It's your "current pending sector" count that is marked in yellow. The drive is most likely dying. Purchase a replacement drive or send the unit in if it's under warranty.
  3. but its new why dying now
    and the spin time is some times turn to bad
  4. Just because it's new doesn't mean it can't die. It's a mechanical device subject to failure. I've had some new drives arrive DOA. It happens. If it's under warranty, have it replaced.

    I'd be more worried about the current pending sectors than the spin time. The spin time may just be due to the drive being put to sleep then having to wake up (spin up) again. You can remedy that by going into your power options and tell it never to put the drives to sleep.
  5. ok thank u
    is there any soltion for current pending sectors
  6. No. There are reserve sectors on the drive. When all reserve sectors are used, you end up with current pending sectors and possibly data corruption.

    See the chart here:
  7. ok i run another program look at results
    its diffrent now ? why?
    after quick test
  8. Some smart utilities aren't as good as others. The second part of that image says "FAIL". That should be enough of a warning. Do as you like, but don't come here complaining if the drive fails and you have no backup. This seems to be the #1 complaint in the stotage section of the forums - "How do I get my data back after my drive failed?".
  9. but this is the western digital utlitiy
  10. This comes up a lot on the forums, there is no point in questioning a tool stating you have a pending drive failure.

    As Hawkeye mentioned replace the drive, and don't make it any more complicated then it needs to be.
  11. try cleaning up your registry first
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