Newegg $817 build, opinions please

Configured this build in a cart on newegg using various combo deals and the cheapest utility parts I could find. Please rate or speak up if there's any compatibility issues or low quality parts included I should think twice about.

Case and Power Supply -

CPU and Video Card -

Motherboard and Memory -

Hard Drive -

The total price is $817 after shipping, is this a pretty good price for the performance I would get for gaming (SC2, Diablo 3) and ample opportunity for future upgrades?
Thanks for any help
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  1. Your links are broken, and as you labeled nothing I have no clue.
  2. If u thinking crossfire: that Asus 785/ATX s 16/4 and not recommended to do so ^^
  3. Yep. You either need more MB or less PSU... that one is not bad at all I think, but you can likely save there.

    The Caviar Blue may be cheap and reliable, but it's slow and possibly runs a bit warm.
  4. I would look to Crossfire at one point. The motherboard says Crossfire/SLI ready, what's a good alternative then?

    And I want the PSU to be a little high because of future upgrades
  5. Regardless of what it says in the promo, you want a board that has PCI-E slots that will run at X8/X8, not X16/X4.

    Here is a deal

    And another less expensive option but does not have USB 3 or SATA 6GB/S
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