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Southbridge cooler

Hey guys! this is my second attempt to try and solve this, I posted in the OCing section, and only a couple people responded.... =/ (here is the link for the thread ).
I have a core i7 930 OC'ed to 3.41 ghz, and when I was monitoring my temps, I saw my O/I hub going up to 100+ Celsius, I was wondering, WHAT COOLER SHOULD I GET??

Thanks all! ~~Atotalnoob
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  1. doesn't anyone actually reply to threads?
  2. Probably a faulty sensor. Stick your hand in there and feel it. If it is actually at 100c you'll feel it. If its cool to the touch or slightly warm then its a faulty sensor. If that is the case you can either ignore it or replace the mobo. As for that spot cooler... unless have little or no air flow in your case pointing a fan right at it wont have enough of an effect if it actually is running that hot.
  3. Quote:
    I just stuck my hand in, (PC wizard says it is 102C ATM) and it is definitly ALOT hotter then the ambient temp, and hotter then the CPU, and GPU, but I didn't get burned severly, so I think it is faulty....
    that is from the thread.....
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    Sorry, missed that part. I would definitely say that the temperature sensor is faulty. 102C is 216F you shouldn't be able to touch that thing if it was actually at that temp. If you can touch it and keep your hand there then there's nothing to worry about, but if its really bothering you replace the board.
  5. I can't replace the board, I'd have no computer, and I can't live like that! lol... it is hotter then the rest, so I think a cooler is worth it.
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