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Tengo una placa Asus P6X58D Premium, con controlador Marvell 9123 Controller Sata 6GB/s. Además tengo un disco duro WD4500HLHX VelociRaptor. Cuando arranco el ordenador desaparece el controlador, al reiniciar, a veces, aparece. Qué puedo hacer?
Hello I've got an Asus P6X58D Premium, with de Marvell 9123 Controller Sata 6GB/s. I've got a hard disk drive WD4500HLHX VeñpciRaptor too. When I start computer, the hard disk drive disappears on Bios, if I reboot it appears again. It depends on the moment. What can I do?
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  1. This is more of a Western Digital issue than your MOBO. Most importantly, there's absolutely ZERO benefits for ANY mechanical HDD to use the Marvell 9128 ports, so to correct the problem move the WD HDD to the SATA2 Port 1 {closet to the PCB/MOBO}. In addition, if you do not have an SSD then I would also Disable the Marvell ports in the BIOS.

    A WD Velociraptor at best is ~140-150 MB/s and the Intel SATA2 ports are good up to 290-295 MB/s in otherwords twice as fast as the hard drive. The WD Velociraptor INTERFACE ONLY is a SATA3 (6GB/s) -- this has nothing to do with the speed of the hard drive.

    In addition, set the SATA2 from IDE -> AHCI and afterwards run "Fix It" or manually change the 'Start' values = 0 in the registry. See this link ->

    Further, the Intel ICH10R will offer faster write speeds than the Marvell, and the same read speeds.

    Good Luck! :)
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