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hey guys just finished my first build and my problem is the boot drive which is a velocil raptor 300gb hard drive does not work so i had to RMA it and it will come 2 weeks from now in the mean time i installed my OS in my other hard drive for me to use the computer, the OS that i bought is an OEM windows 7 profesional....so

my question is can i still intall or transfer my OS to the velocil raptor hard drive when it gets here...???
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  1. In this case, you will need to call Microsoft in order to get the software validated.

    In my case, I re-installed Win7 64-bit (OEM) twice on the same motherboard and HDD. After this, I upgraded the motherboard and re-installed the OS, but this time, I had to place a call to Microsoft and get it validated.

    This is not an issue with the retail version.
  2. thnx....
  3. proximity30 said:

    I forgot to mention that Microsoft does not have a contractual obligation to validate in these types of situations, but they normally will do so when you explain the situation that led to the re-installation. Yours is a genuine case.
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