AquagraFX for GTX 470

Hi guys,

I've saw rewievs about GTX470 before i bought it and that the temps can go above 90C and stuff but it just seems so freaking hot and scary that i started to look for solution and found this thing... I dont know much (kinda nothing even:P) about these AquagraFX but would it rly help to lower temps? I mean that lil plate is all i need for it? No wires no nothing? :)

Sry for stupid question like this :) Tnx!
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  1. haha, definitely not, that would be the heatsink, for a water cooling system, you would still need the tubing, pump, radiator, reservoir and a plan to set it up, and in total could set you back a few hundred dollars most likely more then the card itself, really based on this question, it would just be alot easier to have an after market fan such as this model of the 470

    huge dual fan setup will ensure you don't run into any big heat issue
  2. lol ye sry about this question :D After i posted it saw video about what full system looks like lol :D but was too late to replay my mistake coz had to go to work....

    hmm, that fan in link looks sexy.... but in same time looks rly loud? Or it isnt? Any idea?
  3. it's fine, honest question, everyone got to start somewhere, but ususally aftermarket fans are quiter, since there are two and both are larger then the stock fan, they can spin much slower while moving more air, on the stock cooler it can spin up to 3000rpms i believe, which i have a 275, and at 100 percent it roars, i actually read a review on this card, the other day, but i don't remember the web site now, but it did show lower temps and lower noise
  4. K tnx for helping me out here :)
  5. no problem
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