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Hai guise how is this for my first attempt at cable management and how can I improve(besides getting rid of IDE drive which I'm trying to do)?
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  1. That's a good start.

    The big problem that I see is the mass of cables running over the video card toward the rear heatsink. Do some testing to see if you really need the back HSF fan. I bet that it makes very little difference and you don't need it.

    If you have enough slack in the main power cable, move it up to the hole above it. That way, you can route it straight out of the hole like the video power cables.

    Then do something with the small cable dangling over the PSU fan.

    Sooner or later, you will come to a point where it will take a lot of work for little improvement. That way, you know when to stop.

    Here's what I did to my Antec 900 cases:
  2. For your consideration...
    Full build log in my sig if your interested,

    also check out this thread for more C.m. shenanigans :P
    like Jsc says it gets to the point where its a full strip just to move one cable 4mm, and you have to ask if its really worth it hehe ( by which time you've pulled out the Psu already...........)
  3. My problem is all those cables hanging over PSU lead to the 4 pin molex connected into my mobo and the only thing I see that I can do is ziptie it to the other fan. I don't really need it at the moment but I'm going to crossfire soon. The main power cable i can't move it up any hire. LOL I had trouble getting it to where it is now.
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    excuse the crap artwork, I just finished a 6-6 Nightshift :P

    the black outline is your case,
    the red box is the area covered by your Mobo when its in place,
    the grey boxes are holes you cut out of the Mobo tray to allow your cables access
    (best position will be figured out by you obv)
    the blue box is for your ide cable (Try tucking your sata lead in there too)
    and the orange box is for all your psu leads to neatly tuck down the side of your psu and behind the mobo tray before going wherever you need them to,
    obviously you will decide on the exact 'best' positions for each cut, and be careful not to snag any cables on pins at the back of your board,
    a little insulation tape round the front panel leads to tidy them up a touch
    those leads currently taped to the fan will be nicely hidden on the other side of your mobo tray like mine are,
    feed the one molex you need round the side of the mobo near the pci slots and feed it to the socket on the mobo,
    It takes planning, more planning and thought, but when people ask where your wires are, its all worth it :P
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  6. Thank you for B.a. man, hope you are going to post more pics soon?
    update us on how it went :)
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