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I want to change my motherboard on my dell dimension e310, but I don't know where to find the specifiacions.
I just recently upgrade the RAM, but one of the slots was burn and instead of 2GB I have only 1. My computer has been faster since the upgrade, but I think 2GB would be even faster. Please help me to find the specifications and where can I buy this new motherboard.
Thank you!!!
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  1. You have an old 915 chipset in BTX format, which is hard to find. You can find them used on ebay. Computer geeks carries a fujitsu siemens 775 btx board for only $6.99, but it has no cpu fan connector or backplate, which your dell may not need. It won't load your original windows operating system unless you've already upgraded that to oem or retail boxed. The original windows requires another dell motherboard. If you want more choices, change to an atx case, or start over and sell your old dell intact or use it for a spare. BTX motherboards have older chipsets; a few were made with the 965 chipset which will work with older core2 duos, such as the e6400. Compare the dell to the fujitsu siemens; it's much cheaper. Used dell e310 boards go for around $100 at some stores. I haven't checked ebay for pricing.
  2. Thank you. I will go to ebay and I will let you know.
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