Need to build a mean workstation within a 5k budget, opinions needed!

So I need help. I am somewhat familiar with building your average pc. I'm not really super knowledgeable, but I have built some pretty boss systems without any hiccups thus far. My dad runs an engineering and design firm that mostly uses solidworks among other design software. His company invests quite a bit into systems which are pretty lack luster to say the least. You know the kind... little ram, small hard drive, crappy gpu, but because its a business or "workstation" machine they charge an arm and a leg. His company is about to put about 5k into one system for special rendering tasks, in which they need more ram and just raw horsepower than anything. So since I have built a few computers myself, my dad has commissioned me to build a machine @ the same price point (5k) and then he'll compare the two. This is what Ive speced out so far on newegg...

Ive deliberately left out a psu, because honestly I have no idea where to begin. As you can see I have 24gb of ram and dual six-core processors (don't talk me down to quad core! :non: ), so I know I'm gonna need something pretty beastly here, its the heart of the machine and needs to be 100% reliable.

My main goal is to absolutely build the fastest rendering machine within a 5k budget. Any and all suggestions welcome!
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  1. sigh... well do SOME research, that video card is an AGP... your motherboard only has PCI-E/PCI
  2. If you're looking for a professional system in this price it seems silly to not get an HP/Dell with warranty.
  3. I would just do some more research and not just throw in w/e card you think would work. And what are you rendering?
  4. That card is pci-e^^.

    And no not better to get a dell or macpro or anything such. You get longer warrenties with individual components. Not to mention it's just far cheaper.

    I have no clue about your GPU needs so can't help you there.

    As for all the rest

    case: personal

    psu: I wouldn't skimp on that. I'd get a 750hx. It maybe overkill but you never now if you might OC or upgrade.

    mobo: I'd get an evga sr-2. It's more expensive but allows overclocks. And those CPUs can hit 4.7ghz or more no problem with adequate cooling so if it ever gets weak you can just buy a decent cooling kit to OC and increase the lifespan another year or two.

    ram: 4gb modules are slow and expensive if you won't ever upgrade to 48gb get 12X2gb otherwise stick with what you have now.

    your storage solution seems kind of pathetic. SSDs are faster and more reliable. And I think reliability is key here.

    for the rest looks good.
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