Motherboard for dimension e310 specifications

I want to change my motherboard on my dell dimension e310, but I don't know where to find the specifiacions.
I just recently upgrade the RAM, but one of the slots was burn and instead of 2GB I have only 1. My computer has been faster since the upgrade, but I think 2GB would be even faster. Please help me to find the specifications and where can I buy this new motherboard.
Thank you!!!
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  1. Go to Dell's web site and look the specs for the size board you have. Did you get a manual with the computer? Dell support should be able to help you also.
  2. I don't have the manual, I already contact Dell Support and the guy did not give me the specifications, instead he tried to sell me motherboard with a hefty price tag.
    I don't know where else to go and find it.
    I am practically new with this of motherboards, memory, and all the stuff that is in the computer, but once I installed the 2GB memory and my mini9 and the 1GB memory in my dell dimension I like it, and instead of buying a new computer I want reuse my dimension computer (one of the memory spaces is burned, so instead of having 2GB working, I only have one) My computer has been more faster loading and starting two or three programs than before and I think another 1GB will be enought for some time.
    Thank you for your assistance and hope somebody can help me.
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