5830 vs GTX 260 vs GTX 275


Which card do you think will be future proof for a little while 1-2 years.

1. Sapphire 5830 $180
2. PNY GTX 260 $188
3. EVGA GTX 275 Used $180

I will be playing games at 1920X1080 resolution, so which one will you recommend?

thanks everyone in advance.
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  1. 5830 performs equal to a 4890/GX275 but runs cooler and supports DX11.

    They are better than the GTX260 (which performs equal to the 4870 or 5770)

    The GTX470 performs slightly better than the 5850. The GTX465 performs slightly better than the 5830. So I suspect the GTX460 will perform slightly worse than the 5830. In that case, just get the 5830 - cheaper, runs cooler, and runs faster.
  2. HD5830 for the reasons above.
  3. Of the three cards listed, I'd suggest the ATI 5830.

    However, it should be known that an ATI 5850 or GTX 470 is really the best recommendation for 1920x1080 gameplay. :) If you want to max out your settings for smooth as butter FPS.
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